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A nice thing about the human mind is that it only needs parts of information in order to get the whole idea, we easily fill in the gaps with information from past experiences. So to evoke an image of a plant, the outline of one will do. OOOMS created 3 silhouettes of ordinary houseplants, to be used at home in your windowsill or as desk divider at the office. The Silhouettes take up virtually no space and best of all; They don’t need water…

Description: Silhouettes, powder-coated aluminium
Dimensions: Approx. 66 x 63 x 10 cm /  26 x 24.8 x 3.9 inch
Design: OOOMS

Comes in 3 models;  Schefflera,  Monstera  and Scindapsus.


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Lost & Found in Singapore

Studio OOOMS has been invited to conduct a 5 day workshop at the Singapore Polytechnic. The title of the workshop is “Lost and Found”. This title is based on the free materials that have lost their original function and for which a new function will be found. The group assignment demands a real hands on approach, as well as the ability to make quick decisions and to be creative with limited materials. The programme places an emphasis on practice-oriented, creative work, complemented by short presentations and discussions.

If you like to see the PDF brochure about our workshops, click here.
More photo’s of the workshop can be found on our facebook page.

Description: Workshop Lost & Found
Commissioned by: Singapore Polytechnic
Design: OOOMS

  • Singapore Polytechnic 02

Vert le Nord ! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas

Sustainable Dutch Design on the banks of the Seine (PARIS).

The exposition ‘Vert le Nord! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas’ will be open to visitors on the banks of the Seine (Berges de Seine) from June 2nd till June 7th. This exposition shows how the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovative and sustainable design and takes a look at the Dutch dedication for an ambitious ending to the international climate conference, COP21, that will take place in Paris, late 2015. Yksi Ontwerp, together with 40 Dutch designers, curated this exposition for the Dutch Embassy in Paris, as a part of the design festival Paris D’Days.

This exhibition shows the products that are designed by OOOMS for the Ffrash project.

June 2nd 2015 – June 7th 2015

Vert le Nord
Berges de Sein
Dans le cadre de City Camping

Design na Praça in Brazil

 Last November OOOMS was invited by Angela Carvalho to come to Rio to participate in the Design na Praça event. We were asked to share our experiences of the Ffrash project. Ffrash is an Indonesian non-profit project where OOOMS was asked to design interior products from local waste material, and coach former street children to reproduce these products.

During our stay we met staff and students of the Offenbach design school from Frankfurt. It has been very valuable and pleasant to work with them during a workshop at the IED Rio. Together with staff from IED Rio and Brazilian students, we analyzed- and experimented with- a ton of waste material. This material was collected locally during the weeks prior to the event.

During the design na Praça event there was a variety of creatives that all showed their way of dealing with waste material and related matters. Among many interesting people we also met the Ducth Consul-General who gave us useful information and set up some meetings for the following days.
With the Sugarloaf Mountain as an almost surrealistic backdrop and a very diverse audience, we presented our work. It was a great experience to speak at this event and also the first time it was in shorts and on flip-flops.


After the Design na Praça event we used our time in Brazil to visit PUC University, ESDI , FAAP in Sao Paulo and a second time to IED Rio to present our work and talk about possible cooperations.  It’s been hot and hectic, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

We would like to thank Angela Carvalho, The Dutch Consulate, The Dutch Embassy and all the other people that made this possible.


OOOMS at Anatomia del Design

Returning from his success during the 2012 and 2013 editions of the off show in Milan,  Anatomy of design promote new appointment with the world of design and creativity at the 2014 edition of the Milan Design Week.

Anatomy of Design was founded by a group of young designers and creatives who have accepted the challenge of creating a new exhibition concept, dedicated to companies and Italian and international designers. A careful selection of exhibitors makes this an event that combines a concept, creativity, professionalism and internationalism.

Anatomia del Design – Milan Design Week –
7-13 April 2014 Nhow 35, Tortona Street

Paperplay in Mexico

On the 12th of June 2010 OOOMS stepped on a plane to Mexico. We were invited by CEDIM to give a 5 day workshop about interior & product design. Before we left we put lots of effort in the preparation so nothing could surprise us.

CEDIM is situated in Monterrey, a modern city surrounded by beautiful mountains, where the temperature easily rises up to 40 degrees Celsius. Our group consisted of 23 students from various departments, some participants were already graduated. One of the main goals of the workshop was to make the participants realise that limitations of a material mainly exist in their brain, not in the material itself.

The participants really worked hard. Not only we, but even the staff was surprised how the students took over the entire school to work on their projects. Students were working in the classroom and in the workshop, but also any other empty room, in the basement and in the hallway. It was amazing to see them work with such enthusiasm! Even when Mexico was playing the soccer match against France, the students kept on working while watching the game! The night before the presentation some students even didn’t go to bed and worked all night long, just to have their project finished; That’s the spirit!

At the presentation we were really proud of our students; So many great projects were made in just 1 week. According to all the lovely reactions from the students and the staff, and even the director of the school, we must have done a pretty good job. We would like to thank all the participants for their great effort and our friends of the staff for taking such good care of us!

If you like to see the PDF brochure about our workshops, click here.

Description: Workshop Paperplay
Commissioned by: Cedim
Design: OOOMS

  • Workshop Paperplay

Ffrash at DDW

We are really proud to present the first interior product collection for Ffrash. The official launch of the Ffrash collection is held during the Dutch Design Week 2013  in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

OOOMS was invited to co-operate in a project to help former street children in Jakarta, Indonesia.
This project is called Ffrash and is initiated and organized by Gina Provo Kluit. The main assignment for OOOMS was to design a collection of interior products, by re-using waste material. Besides that we had to train former street children and teach them how to make these products. One of the goals was to improve their workshop skills and teach the youngsters the principles of design and entrepreneurship. By doing this they have a better chance of finding a job.

  • Ffrash at DDW 2013 | Winebottle Candles

Sponsored by: Kingdom of the Netherlands, Cargill, Garuda Indonesia, HCA, KLM, Maersk Line, Equil, Frisian Flag, Intercontinental, Van der Stap Notarissen, Netsociety, Stichting Fonds voor de Geld- Effectenhandel

A more extensive selection of photo’s of this project can be found on our website,
or on the OOOMS facebook page,

TEDx Brainport

  • Tedx 02

If you think you have heard plenty of ideas to make our world a better place, prepare to be surprised. Our line up of speakers will inspire you with a whole new take on improving people’s lives, while respecting the planet. They will introduce amazing innovations, new ways to manage resources and different ways of working together. They will get you re-thinking your ideas about purpose. And they will get the adrenalin flowing, so we all go home fired up to make the future – better.

Organisation: TEDx Brainport
Event: Making the future
Location: Evoluon, Eindhoven
Date: June 4th 2013

Dutch Design Week 2012

Dutch Design Freak aims to bridge the gap between designers, consumers and companies. A platform that helps exchanging products, ideas and information. At the exposition during the Dutch Design Week 2012, Dutch Design Freak presents work from studio OOOMS and many other designers.

Location: ART Hotel Eindhoven / Lichttoren 22 / 5611 BJ / Eindhoven
For more information:

Useful Things Along The Forest

Along the edge of the forest a wide vista of the surrounding landscape and on the other side a view along the trunks of the never-ending forest. In this multidisciplinary show staged around the work of FORESTI design label, the visitor gets acquainted with the work of OOOMS and several other artists and designers. There’s visual art and design, there’s an actor telling a story, and a film in which the edge of the forest plays an important role.

In a spacious room of the gallery are tables covered with damask tablecloths and laid with objects varying from a white porcelain dish to a bird that won’t fly away. And luminous water lilies high up the wall. In the other room small cabinets for forbidden books, and affected flowers in a round lightbox. On the wall two tapestries on which the forest and its seductiveness are closely interwoven. Ominous, yet titillating is the dark forest… USEFUL THINGS ALONG THE FOREST, a multidisciplinary show.

Location: Galerie van de Water / Luciferstraat 1-3 / 5611 KE / Eindhoven

OOOMS at Tuttobene New York

In August Tuttobene will cross the Atlantic to New York. From 19. – 22. August you can visit their booth at the New York International Gift Fair, the most important design fair in the U.S. for smaller design items and accessories.

The NYIGF is reknown for being the fair at which the leading U.S. retailers place orders for the autumn and winter season. Tuttobene will be present with sixteen Dutch design studios and three design labels. The participation of Tuttobene at the New York International Gift Fair is the U.S. debut for both Tuttobene and the design studios. Never before such a large group of Dutch designers gathered in the U.S. in a group presentation.

The Boyscouts, Dutch Design Chair, The Dopper, Manon Garritsen, Royal Goedewaagen, Yvette Laduk, Jurianne Matter, Tweelink, Slim Ben Ameur, New Duivendrecht, Oooms, Damian O’Sullivan, Reineke Otten, Frederik Roijé, Sandra Roozen, Soonsalon, Carina Riezebos and Carola Zee for Label Aleph will show their products.

This project is commissioned by NL Agency, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

SKIN- Future Materials, Material Future

From the innovative material to the final product: SKIN presents know-how, discussions, and reports based on experience around the subject of product development and sustainability. Numerous examples of best practice from national and international workshops, studios and laboratories give a fascinating insight in the far-reaching potential of material and design innovations.

Future Material Innovation in Design / 29 06 2012 – 16 09 2012
Location: Design Forum Vienna / Museum 1, 1070  Vienna / Austria

OOOMS at Yksi Expo

If it is a double ‘Schizo Vase’ or a ‘Roadkill Carpet’, Oooms knows how to work it. It’s always designs with a twist. Small or large, for their own label or commissioned by others, always from a contemporary view upon the world. Starting the 17th of April till the 10th of June Oooms presents their work at Yksi Expo.

Yksi Expo’s stage presents an overview of Oooms’ best work from the previous ten years. It will be the playground for products that can be seen as typical examples of the working and thinking of both designers. Full enthusiasm and conviction, and with a unique style, Studio Oooms sets out to shape the world. Quality and originality are high in priority. In addition, Oooms is driven to find and use the latest production technologies. Their products are also made ​​in the Netherlands, from sustainable materials.

OOOMS, Stage at Yksi Expo,  April 17th till June 10th.
Also on show at Yksi Expo: Liberation of Light (till May 18) / Made in Strijp-S / Snodevormgevers (till May 6)

Dutch Design Week 2011

OOOMS would like to invite you to a collaborative presentation of 5 design studios showing their latest work at ‘De Toonkamer’. This presentation will be held during the Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue!


Coaching at Cedim

In May 2011 OOOMS was invited for the second time to Cedim, a very well equipped design school, located in the northern part of Mexico.

Our task was to coach two groups of students, both with their own individual assignment. One assignment was to design innovative products for the biggest beer brand of Mexico, the other was to design a ceramic plate for a traditional Mexican meal.  We coached both groups intensively for 2 weeks and are proud of what most students have achieved in such short time.

Description: Beer bottle & Ceramic plate
Commissioned by: Cedim
Design: OOOMS

  • Coaching at Cedim 02

Dutch Design Week 2010

We would like to invite you to the presentation of OOOMS at de Toonkamer, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The theme of the presentation is “craft & design in progress”. Besides exploring our new products, you can have a peek inside our studio which is located next to the exhibition space.

OOOMS will present a new line of interior products which are inspired by schizophrenia. The word schizophrenia is derived from the Greek words for to split (schidzein) and mind (phren). This splitting is related to fragmenting of the thought processes.


Our new interior products are made of Biofoam. Being produced from the renewable resource PLA, BioFoam is an addition to the current range of advanced EPS foam products offered today. It can be completely biodegraded, composted or used for feedstock for recycling. Being “designed for the environment” implies there is no chemical waste, which complies with the so called “Cradle to Cradle” principles. We would like to thank Synbra for their support and supply of the Biofoam.

Location: TAC / Gagelstraat 6A / 5611 BH  Eindhoven / The Netherlands
Date: 23 – 31 October 2010

ETFAM Trade Fair 2010

The ETFAM Trade Fair is an annual business-to-business exhibition for producers and buyers of ethical and fair trade goods. OOOMS will be participating as well, so please feel free to visit us at our booth. The trade fair is ETFAM’s real market place where buyers of ethical and fair trade goods can meet suppliers of these goods in person to do business with each other in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The fair offers producers from developing countries and upcoming markets access to the Western European markets and enables visitors to find out more about the producer behind the product.

The ETFAM Trade Fair offers a unique trade environment to do business in an professional yet informal manner, with a wide range of catering products, general gifts and wellness products: a wonderful selection of high-quality articles. There will be a matching plaza with a range of supporting services as well, such as design, branding and micro finance, where on the spot forms of collaboration can result in customised products. Furthermore, a workshop programme will be provided to inspire you and keep you on your toes. Besides all of these excellent business-to-business opportunities, a congress about sustainable catering purchase will be held at this years’ fair too. This congres is targeted at buyers within government institutions.

ETFAM Trade Fair 2010
19 – 21 september
Beursgebouw Eindhoven
The Netherlands


On the trail of design to the ends of the Earth! Pigr’s design shop and e-shop, with a back-office devoted to developing design, explore the World Wide Web in search of new projects by young designers from all over the world. In real life it is based in Milan… reading, observing and travelling all over the place, but only in search of new ideas! This year, in pursuit of entertainment, sharing and for the pure pleasure of discovery, Pigr is presenting a gradually expanding selection of original and unusual objects, which have never been marketed before on the official design circuit. Pigr’s operations derive from an interest in the latest frontiers of contemporary creativity and an understanding of the kind of spontaneous design being thought up by the latest generations.

Pigr does not just seek out and market simple products: Sono Pigr – the design blog – actually listens and takes note of every single new vibration coming from the world of design; Pigr – the design shop – showcases the work of designers, like the work of OOOMS, developing small and major projects and keeping track of production and marketing right through to the public presentation of the latest collections of unusual objects on sale at reasonable prices. Allowing design to be experienced and enjoyed by everybody, even nowadays.

14-04-2010 / 19-04-2010
Via Clusone, Milan
Open from 10AM till 10PM

Free Wooden Memory Game

The Wooden Memory Game is a card game in which all the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. The game can be played with any number of players.

Our Wooden USB Sticks are all unique, but sometimes can look very similar. Because of this we thought their images would make a real challenging memory game. We would like to offer this game for free! All you have to do is some printing and cutting.

Click here to view the PDF of the front side of the game. Print it on the thickest paper your printer can handle. Re-insert the printed sheet to print the backside. Click here to view the backside.

‘Kleur!’ exhibition

This Designhuis exhibition is showing a wide variety of colours in design. The nice thing about this exhibition is that it not only shows coloured products, but even more shows the different reasons for the use of colour in design. KLEUR! shows the designs of i.a. Studio OOOMS, Dick van Hoff, Marcel Wanders and Hella Jongerius.

27-03-2010 / 12-09-2010
Het Designhuis / Stadhuisplein 3 / Eindhoven / The Netherlands

‘Iconen in Beeld’ exhibition

Studio Oooms has been invited to participate in a project by De Negende and Edhv. Together with 22 other designers they made a collection of souvenirs, each based on a iconic building in Eindhoven.

This led to a great variety in designs, presented in a visually very clear way; each souvenir has been placed on a timeline, at the point in time the according building was built.

If you like to see what Studio Oooms designed, print out the first image of this item (the black&white thing) and click here.
On the new page click ‘direct starten’, this will start your webcam. Now hold the code in front of your webcam and our souvenir will appear like its floating on top of the code.
‘Iconen in Beeld”  / 19-12-2009 / 28-02-2010

Het Designhuis / Stadhuisplein 3 / Eindhoven


Reading by Light exhibition

Reading by Light combines contemporary and classic lights with text works from artists and writers to create a new exhibition environment for the acts of reading and consideration. The condition and act of reading will be explored in a number of light/text juxtapositions ranging from philosophical opinions to humour.

New lights and text works will be commissioned to join a number of specifically selected objects and texts to create a stimulating environment that will relate to those interested in design, art and literature. The reading material will come in many different formats such as works on paper, neon art works, books and small sculptural objects. Classic and contemporary furniture will also be included to work with a number of art works and lights.

Artists exhibiting will include: Damien Hirst, Lawrence Weiner, Simon Patterson, Ian Finlay, Rose Finn- Kelcey, Christopher P. Baker and Jeremy Deller. The lights come from designers such as Ingo Maurer, OOOMS, Freedom of Creation and Kenneth Grange..

The Civic / Hanson Street / Barnsley S70 2HZ / United Kingdom
Date: Saturday 14 November – Thursday 15 January 2010

Social interaction by art and design


In this expo the community centre, in which in the past you spent your time pottering around and on Saturday mornings rehearsing with your band, has been discovered again. The present day community centre settles from September 12th till November 2nd 2009 in the exhibition room of KOP. Our community centre is open four days a week and welcomes you with coffee, cookies and art.

You have the opportunity to explore everything that is here!
The caretaker, with his split personality and obsession for clocks, opens the doors of the community centre for a large group of international artists and designers, who dissolve the borders between fine art and design.
Experience todays objects of art, the specially designed tools, the multimedia party games and instruments. In the community centre you can attempt everything.

Amusement and self-reflection for active visitors.
Everything around us has been designed. All our objects are a combination of function and beauty. Functional objects in this way gain a double identity.  In our daily life fine art plays another role that is not tied to function. In the community centre you will encounter and experience the dissolving of the boundaries between art and design. The question will arise: what am I looking at, is this art or design?

Neighbourhood related cosiness, but slightly different.
In the community centre 45 national and international artists and designers created a site in which you are challenged to think beyond its borders. Not only is there art and design, but also an exciting dialogue. Both entertainment and (self)reflection are focus points. The whole thing makes you think of the typical neighbourhood togetherness and conviviality, but this is different. The caretaker welcomes you warm-hearted and will surprise you…

Participating artists and designers:
i.a: 5.5 designers (FRA), Atelier Blink (BE), Zelda Beauchampet, Blokmeubel, Buro Jet, Dennis de Bel, Michiel van Erp, Jaap de Jonge, Ward van Gemert, David Graas, Mark van den Gronden, Frank Halmans, Susanna Hertrich (GER), Floris Hovers, Instituut voor de Lopslopende Mens, Pieter Jamart (BE), Zowie Jannink, Chris Kabel, Eric Klarenbeek, Robert Knight, Theo Konijnenburg, Lise Lefebvre (FRA), Sander Lucas, David Moises (A), Sander Mulder, Oooms, Gert Paans, Tom Reijnders, Sander Reijgers, Martin Robitsch (A), Snode vormgevers, Diane Steverlynck (BE), Sebastiaan Straatsma, Hans Tan (SP), Louise van der Veld (initiator and company), Rob Verwer, Wieland Vogel, Jonas Vorwerk, Martijn Wildekamp, Tijmen Zonnevijlle

The Community Centre / ’t BUURTHUIS welcomes you from September 12th till November 2nd at Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5pm. KOP – Speelhuislaan 171 – Breda (NL).

Sofia Design Week 2009

SOFIA DESIGN WEEK is the first of a kind design festival in Bulgaria. Between June 5th and June 12th Sofia will be transformed into a vibrant capital of design, where Studio OOOMS will be showing some of their products.

In its first issue, SOFIA DESIGN WEEK is welcoming some of the most avant-garde international names in the contemporary product, communication, interactive and graphic design. Sofia Design Weeks aims to place our city on the global map of design. Through discussions and experience exchange, it will also seek the next identity in our visual environment, one that is urgently needed.

Sofia Design Week will take place annually in order to involve Bulgaria on a regular basis in the ongoing global discussion on the future of design. For the first time in its history Sofia will host a design event of such significance: 22 free of charge expositions of product, communication, interactive and graphic design.

“We live, consume and survive in a highly aggressive and chaotic visual environment. It is time for next identity, for intelligent and socially adequate design.” – urges SOFIA DESIGN WEEK` s manifesto.


Cite Goes Dutch exhibition New York

Please join us for a view of the new 400 Years Later — Cite Goes Dutch exhibition, opening to the public on May 16 and running through June 14.

1609: The Dutch Discover New York
2009: New Yorkers Discover Dutch Design
The exhibit presents everything from furniture and tabletop objects to jewelry by 23 emerging Dutch designers and manufacturers and 1 photographer. Curated by Studio Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew in collaboration with Wabnitz Editions Ltd and Josée Lepage, the work draws an outline of contemporary design coming out of, and shaped by, the unique climate of the densely populated Netherlands, whose designers grow up below sea level and under heavy gray skies.

400 Years Later will introduce recent and never-before-seen work by Studio Oooms, Frederik Roijé, Jorre van Ast, Mirjam van der Lubbe, Studio Glithero, Sander Mulder, Lucas Maassen, Lotte van Laatum, Dave Keune, Maarten Baptist, Lisa Klappe, Jan Habraken and byAMT Studio, among others, that is both intricate and pared-down, pragmatic and poetic, witty and well-crafted.


Saturday, May 16 through Sunday, June 14 2009
CITE Showroom / 131 Greene Street (between Prince and W Houston St.) New York, NY 10012, USA

Red Light Event Milano

Fuori salone internazionale del mobile – Milan 2009  from 22 to 27 of april – Via Lodovico il Moro 27 (alzaia Naviglio Grande)
open hours 12:00 – 24:00 / Party 24 april from 20:00 to 24:00!

Meike van Schijndel | AMSTERDAM Tourism & Convention Board (ATCB) | NEVE | | Tom Dixon | Esther Derkx | Jan Puylaert Nora de Rudder | SERRALUNGA | WET | PHILIPSdesign | Guido Ooms & Karin van Lieshout | Fulvia Mendini | HAFRO | Zaha Hadid Dax van Son | FELICE ROSSI | Stefano Marzano| Jacco Bregonje | LELO | Karim Rashid | GianLuca Neve | METALSPOT
Bram Boo | Michael Young | Gianni Ilardo | Richard Hutten | ANTIQUE MIRROR | Carlo Magnoli | ARGENTOVIVO
d’Hanis & Lachaert | P-FACTOR | Claudio Brovelli | Betony Vernon | Amiez | SNOWHITE | CASAMANIA | Fabio Novembre

STRP Event Eindhoven

From 2 – 13 April the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven will once again be the place to find electronic music, interactive installations, film, art performances, live cinema and robotics. The STRP Festival is a multidisciplinary all-out experience in which music, art and technology merge.

During the STRP EXPO+, we have plenty more to offer from 8 – 13 April with a wide array of unique performances and art projects on top. Some are freaky and totally out there, while others are extremely sophisticated and innovative. During Easter we have a couple special installations and workshops. You can go ‘Lay an Egg’ from 2D to 3D or let the Unbelievable Frying Object installation do it for you. Further, there are workshops to be done and performances to be experienced

Art is not weird and technology is not sterile: this is the message that STRP aims to convey. Art can be a physical experience and technology makes for a wonderful toy. It causes you to look at reality from a different perspective.

What can you expect? First and foremost, a major exhibition of technological art installations: the STRP Expo, which features works including Infinite Cubed by the Brazilian duo Crescenti & Cantoni. This 3×3×3 metre cube made of moving mirrors creates the ultimate “Droste Effect” named after the optically enchanting Dutch cocoa ads. Next, try looking deep into the eyes of the Hexapod spawned by Matt Denton. This six-legged spider robot tracks you like a predator going after its prey, and instantly posts your picture on its website.
STRP Expo features dozens of amazing and largely interactive works of art that appeal to your entire body.

While there is a strong international flavour to the STRP Festival, the Netherlands is likewise well-represented. Featured Dutch artists include Daan Roosegaarde, whose work has been displayed around the world; robotics artist Freek Wieringa; and video artist Jérôme Siegelaer. Plus, a number of recent graduates will also be participating, including Jeroen Holthuis, Evelien Lohbeck and Paul Verhoeven.

From April 8th – 13th is STRP Expo+ open for audiences to explore and experience artworks, performances, workshops, live cinema, animations, and much, much more!

Love Design Opening Party

To celebrate the release of the book Love Design (Daab publishing) in which our work is featured, you are cordially invited to the Love Design Cocktail Party during the design week in Milan. We hope to see you there!

Love Design Cocktail Party*
Friday April 24, 2008
7pm until midnight
Address: Galleria Nina Lumer
Via Botta 8, 20135 Milano

*Love treats by Ciboh & love vibes by dj Klaus Fiehe
More info on the Love Design exhibition

Max Mara opens new flagshipstore in Milan

On the 28th of February Max Mara will open its new flagshipstore in Milan. The inauguration will be held at corso Vittorio Emanuele, piazza del Liberty 4. The new store carries designs of studio OOOMS.

Max Mara, or The House of Max Mara, is an Italian fashion house. It is best known for elegant, wearable, ready-to-wear clothing.

The brainchild of Achille Maramotti, Max Mara was founded in 1951 and has since become one of Italy’s most successful fashion companies. Like many Italian firms, Max Mara remains a family company although, interestingly, no member of the family is a fashion designer. Instead Max Mara operates by the highly successful formula of employing well-known fashion designers to create their collections—a method described by fashion critic Colin McDowell as a form of designer “moonlighting” and which is characteristic of a number of Italian ready-to-wear companies. Designers who have created collections for Max Mara include Anne Marie Beretta, Karl Lagerfeld, Luciano Soprani, Guy Paulin, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The identity of more recent Max Mara designers was a jealously-guarded secret; they were, however, acknowledged in retrospect.

The first Max Mara shop was opened in Reggio Emilia in northern Italy in 1951 and the first collection consisted of two coats and a suit which were copies of Paris couture designs. Although Achille Maramotti was officially trained as a lawyer, his family background was firmly entrenched in dressmaking since his mother had founded a tailoring school in 1923. Maramotti’s vision to produce designer fashion for the mass market was remarkably farsighted at a time when haute couture still dominated fashion and high fashion ready-to-wear clothing did not exist. Like the whole fashion industry during the early 1950s, Max Mara looked to Paris as inspiration for its designs and produced garments which combined Parisian designs with their quality manufacturing techniques.

Kantlijnen – The face of lace

Lace is back in vogue. Today’s top designers are discovering the new possibilities offered by these translucent lines of thread. Bruges has traditionally been one of the world’s great lace- making centres and from 11 November 2008 until 1 March 2009 the city is set to become a new breeding ground for all the very latest lace trends and ideas. ‘The Face of Lace’ is a four month celebration of contemporary art, design and fashion, which will highlight the many facets of this most fascinating material.

More and more young artists and designers are unashamedly using lace in their patterns and themes. Also studio OOOMS has discovered the true beauty of lace: the richness of its transparency, the fluidity of it silken lines and the delicate interplay between ornamentation and structure. With new techniques and new materials, they have given lace new meaning. Lace once again has its own place in contemporary culture.

From 11 November 2008 until 1 March 2009 works of art, design ornaments and fashion concepts related to lace will be displayed throughout the length and breadth of Bruges – both indoors and outdoors. These pieces will create a fascinating dialogue with the city’s ancient buildings, streets and canals, as well as with historic works of lace selected from the collections of the city’s museums.
The Face of Lace will offer four months of contemporary art, fashion and design of the highest quality – an ambitious project laced with all kinds of exciting contrasts, concepts and challenges. The organisation of the Face of Lace has been entrusted to Musea Brugge and Brugge Plus. The exhibits have been chosen by project curators Hanneke Kamphuis and Hedwig van Onna.

Diseño holandés. En la calle como en casa. Binnen/buiten

An extensive sample of the latest in innovative Dutch design, grouped under seven headings: RELAX, PLAY, EAT, ILLUMINATE, INTERACT, PROTECT and WORK. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Madrid Design Association (DIMAD), consists of 140 items by up-and-coming designers as well as those who have already made a name for themselves outside the Netherlands (Studio OOOMS, Marcel Wanders, Tjep, Richard Hutten, Ineke Hans, Demakersvan, Joris Laarman or Hella Jongerius), created with the idea in mind of seeing domestic and urban space as a continuum, with no clear division between indoors and outdoors (Binnen/Buiten).

FOUNDATION BUILDING, A CORUÑA: 17 October-25 January 2009


Expo at CILO

Exhibition of young design talent in cooperation with the Design Academy Eindhoven. CILO shows you the work of these participants: Studio OOOMS, Nadine Sterk, Vivian Wierts, Wieki Somers, Wouter Scheublin, Tomm Veldhuis, Susan Verhijen, Monique Goossens, Cris Bartels, Mara Skujeniece, Chris Kabel, Sander Wassink, Tom Dissel, Bertjan Pot.

Twenty pieces have been chosen to show a multiple view of interior design nowadays. All products are a reflection of our current time-period. A period when social issues are reflected in objects, new materials are used and age-old habits are charished or rejected. A time to think about what enriches- or impoverishes us.

The designers found quality in their daily environment and translated this sense into their creations. The products which emerge are more than just functional. They are products which communicate through inner qualities, characters of our time.

Torino 2008 World Design Capital

During October 2008 Studio OOOMS will be showing work in Torino. This third event-exhibition in the calendar of Torino 2008 World Design Capital opens to the public in a setting symbolically and structurally suited to housing the results of an unusual encounter between mixed communities, designers and companies: the Palafuksas in Piazza della Republica 25. 

In the centre of a square that tells the story of waves of immigration and stratified attempts at adaptation, which speaks Piemontese, writes in Arabic and wears Chinese clothes, rises the luminous and open container of an exhibition that includes among its participants highly important names in world design, from the Japanese Naoto Fukasawa, to the Catalan Martì Guixè, the Brazilian Campana brothers and Jasper Morrison from Britain,
but also the Italians Giulio Iacchetti, Matteo Ragni, Carlotta de Bevilacqua and many others, for a total of forty eight protagonists of unusual triangles of designers, companies and communities.

The Family of Form

The Family of Form – 60 years Design Academy Eindhoven

From 13 January through 23 March 2008 the Designhuis Eindhoven opens its doors to The Family of Form, an exhibition with works of three generations of graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2007 the exhibition was received with much enthusiasm at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and the Institut Néerlandais in Paris. Now for the first time and in its most extensive form The Family of Form can be admired in the Netherlands. The reason for this retrospective is the sixtieth anniversary of the Design Academy Eindhoven.