From scrap to culinary jewellery

For OOOMS the process of making kitchen knives is as interesting as the outcome itself. The craftsmanship, working with metal and fire as well as looking for creative solutions with recycled materials is what thrives them.

Discarded circular saw blades create a perfect base for a new knife blade. The steel is hammered, heated and carefully designed into a razor sharp knife that cuts through grapes like butter. The handles of the kitchen knives are made from broken skateboards, scraps of kitchen tops and even 2000-year-old wood.

The fans of their knives are mostly Dutch professionals and true foodies. But also a trend watcher from Paris, a chef from Jakarta and a knife collector from Mexico are among their rapidly growing clientele.

A complementary couple

Guido and Karin are two designers that have completely different personalities; therefore as a team they complement each other like yin and yang. They live in a small southern village called Geldrop with a workshop and office in their own backyard. 

Guido Ooms

Guido loves to discover the past and create new things. He has always been interested in products that lost their function, as where he sees new possibilities for these leftovers. Going to metal dumps and thrift stores are things he loves to do. Guido needs to constantly invent, create and make. With leftover materials he will build new machines and tools to make sure his ideas will come to existence. 

Karin van Lieshout

Karin loves to structure, nit-pick and plan ahead. This is evident in both her passion for cooking and the work she does at OOOMS. Creating a beautiful knife has a lot of similarities to creating a beautiful dish. For a knife you need ingredients such as metal and wood. For a dish you might use beetroot and goat-cheese. Ultimately with both processes it is about the end result being in perfect balance. Her no nonsense approach and critical eye for detail is sometimes quite annoying for Guido but at the same time much appreciated.

“There’s nothing more satisfying then turning seemingly useless scrap into stunning kitchen knives.”

Guido Ooms

Next to knives

Wooden USB Sticks

Since the start of the studio in 2005 OOOMS created several successful interior products, such as Wooden USB Sticks, Wineglass Lamps, Puzzleboards, Goldplated Staples, Ceramic Milkmaids, Silhouette Plants, Solar Birdhouses, a Daisy Necklace, Dutch Romans, an Anti Gravity Machine and many other quirky designs.

A selection of their clients are Adidas, Hugo Boss, Skanska, Pernod, Guggenheim Berlin, Rossana Orlandi, 3M, Bosch & Siemens, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Singapore Polytechnic 2011

Both Guido and Karin are tutors at Design Academy Eindhoven and University of the Arts Utrecht. Additional to teaching and managing studio OOOMS, Guido and Karin love to travel while giving workshops about up-cycling materials in connection to design. When they are invited to conduct a workshop abroad in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Singapore, they especially enjoy the experiences of having an intense contact with the people who live there.

All designs of Guido and Karin are available through their webshop. You can be the owner of a hand-made kitchen piece of jewellery with just a few clicks. If you would like to actually hold a knife before making the right decision, you are always welcome to come and visit the studio. Coffee will be ready!