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Schizo Lamp at Qazqa



QAZQA is always busy designing the latest innovation in the lighting industry and collaborating with the most talented designers. their latest collaboration is with OOOMS.

The Schizo Lamp is now available at QAZQA

The word ‘schizophrenia’ is derived from the Greek words for to ‘schizo’ (split) and ‘phren’ (mind). This splitting is related to the fragmentation of the thought process. OOOMS used this as inspiration to design a lamp where the ribbed surface creates two different shapes. The inner shape is a classic lampshade. The outside is more neutral, and looks a bit like a beehive. When turned on, the inner shape of the Schizo Lamp will be emphasized due to the translucency of the material.

Schizo Lamp 01

Dutch Romans

At OOOMS we are intrigued by the history of The Netherlands.
A great way to get into contact with products of the past is by metal detecting. The idea that any signal could be a historical treasure is a feeling that’s highly addictive.

Now the finds have become an inspiration for a new OOOMS project; Dutch Romans. These are macro images of 2000 year old Roman coins that have been found in the Netherlands. While the focus with metal detecting is mainly on pristine quality, with the Dutch Romans project we are fascinated by the corrosion process, and the shapes and colors that come to life.

The coins that are used are all determined by professional archeologists. Each print carries the name of the emperor that once was clearly visible on the coins.  In the description you can read the time period the coins were made, which is around 50 AD for most of them!

Titus 01 | 79-81 AD Titus 02 | 79-81 AD

Domitianus 01 | 81-96 AD Domitianus 02 | 81-96 AD

Nero 01 | 54-68 AD Nero 02 | 54-68 AD

Vespasianus 01 | 69-79 AD Traianus 01 | 98-117 AD

Description: high quality glossy print on acrylic glass, backed with an aluminium panel and mounting frame.
Dimensions:  80 x 80 cm | 31,5 x 31,5 inch. Other sizes on request.
Design: OOOMS

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A nice thing about the human mind is that it only needs parts of information in order to get the whole idea, we easily fill in the gaps with information from past experiences. So to evoke an image of a plant, the outline of one will do. OOOMS created 3 silhouettes of ordinary houseplants, to be used at home in your windowsill or as desk divider at the office. The Silhouettes take up virtually no space and best of all; They don’t need water…

Description: Silhouettes, powder-coated aluminium
Dimensions: Approx. 66 x 63 x 10 cm /  26 x 24.8 x 3.9 inch
Design: OOOMS

Comes in 3 models;  Schefflera,  Monstera  and Scindapsus.


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Lost & Found in Singapore

Studio OOOMS has been invited to conduct a 5 day workshop at the Singapore Polytechnic. The title of the workshop is “Lost and Found”. This title is based on the free materials that have lost their original function and for which a new function will be found. The group assignment demands a real hands on approach, as well as the ability to make quick decisions and to be creative with limited materials. The programme places an emphasis on practice-oriented, creative work, complemented by short presentations and discussions.

If you like to see the PDF brochure about our workshops, click here.
More photo’s of the workshop can be found on our facebook page.

Description: Workshop Lost & Found
Commissioned by: Singapore Polytechnic
Design: OOOMS

  • Singapore Polytechnic 02


There is a primal link between man and fire. Every man should know how to start one. A manly man knows how to start one without matches.
OOOMS has designed a kit for you to master this primitive skill.
And whether or not you ever need to call upon these skills, it’s just cool to know you can start a fire, whenever and wherever you are.

Vert le Nord ! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas

Sustainable Dutch Design on the banks of the Seine (PARIS).

The exposition ‘Vert le Nord! Un panorama du design durable des Pays-Bas’ will be open to visitors on the banks of the Seine (Berges de Seine) from June 2nd till June 7th. This exposition shows how the Netherlands are at the forefront of innovative and sustainable design and takes a look at the Dutch dedication for an ambitious ending to the international climate conference, COP21, that will take place in Paris, late 2015. Yksi Ontwerp, together with 40 Dutch designers, curated this exposition for the Dutch Embassy in Paris, as a part of the design festival Paris D’Days.

This exhibition shows the products that are designed by OOOMS for the Ffrash project.

June 2nd 2015 – June 7th 2015

Vert le Nord
Berges de Sein
Dans le cadre de City Camping

Daisy Earrings

Remember those well spend summer days making a necklace from freshly picked daisies?
OOOMS has designed a necklace that will recall this childhood memory.  To accompany the necklace OOOMS now introduced Daisy Earrings.

Description: Earrings – 14K Goldplated or Silverplated
Dimensions: Ø 15 mm / 0.59 inch
Design: OOOMS

Daisy Earrings (Gold) 

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Daisy Earrings (Silver) 

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Daisy Ring

Remember those well spend summer days making a necklace from freshly picked daisies?
OOOMS has designed a necklace that will recall this childhood memory.
To accompany the necklace OOOMS now introduced the Daisy Ring.
Due to the special design one size fits all.

Description: Ring – 14K Goldplated or Silverplated
Dimensions: Ø 18 mm / 0.71 inch
Design: OOOMS

Daisy Ring (Gold) 

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Daisy Ring (Silver) 

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Design na Praça in Brazil

 Last November OOOMS was invited by Angela Carvalho to come to Rio to participate in the Design na Praça event. We were asked to share our experiences of the Ffrash project. Ffrash is an Indonesian non-profit project where OOOMS was asked to design interior products from local waste material, and coach former street children to reproduce these products.

During our stay we met staff and students of the Offenbach design school from Frankfurt. It has been very valuable and pleasant to work with them during a workshop at the IED Rio. Together with staff from IED Rio and Brazilian students, we analyzed- and experimented with- a ton of waste material. This material was collected locally during the weeks prior to the event.

During the design na Praça event there was a variety of creatives that all showed their way of dealing with waste material and related matters. Among many interesting people we also met the Ducth Consul-General who gave us useful information and set up some meetings for the following days.
With the Sugarloaf Mountain as an almost surrealistic backdrop and a very diverse audience, we presented our work. It was a great experience to speak at this event and also the first time it was in shorts and on flip-flops.


After the Design na Praça event we used our time in Brazil to visit PUC University, ESDI , FAAP in Sao Paulo and a second time to IED Rio to present our work and talk about possible cooperations.  It’s been hot and hectic, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

We would like to thank Angela Carvalho, The Dutch Consulate, The Dutch Embassy and all the other people that made this possible.


OOOMS at Anatomia del Design

Returning from his success during the 2012 and 2013 editions of the off show in Milan,  Anatomy of design promote new appointment with the world of design and creativity at the 2014 edition of the Milan Design Week.

Anatomy of Design was founded by a group of young designers and creatives who have accepted the challenge of creating a new exhibition concept, dedicated to companies and Italian and international designers. A careful selection of exhibitors makes this an event that combines a concept, creativity, professionalism and internationalism.

Anatomia del Design – Milan Design Week –
7-13 April 2014 Nhow 35, Tortona Street


Paperplay in Mexico

On the 12th of June 2010 OOOMS stepped on a plane to Mexico. We were invited by CEDIM to give a 5 day workshop about interior & product design. Before we left we put lots of effort in the preparation so nothing could surprise us.

CEDIM is situated in Monterrey, a modern city surrounded by beautiful mountains, where the temperature easily rises up to 40 degrees Celsius. Our group consisted of 23 students from various departments, some participants were already graduated. One of the main goals of the workshop was to make the participants realise that limitations of a material mainly exist in their brain, not in the material itself.

The participants really worked hard. Not only we, but even the staff was surprised how the students took over the entire school to work on their projects. Students were working in the classroom and in the workshop, but also any other empty room, in the basement and in the hallway. It was amazing to see them work with such enthusiasm! Even when Mexico was playing the soccer match against France, the students kept on working while watching the game! The night before the presentation some students even didn’t go to bed and worked all night long, just to have their project finished; That’s the spirit!

At the presentation we were really proud of our students; So many great projects were made in just 1 week. According to all the lovely reactions from the students and the staff, and even the director of the school, we must have done a pretty good job. We would like to thank all the participants for their great effort and our friends of the staff for taking such good care of us!

If you like to see the PDF brochure about our workshops, click here.

Description: Workshop Paperplay
Commissioned by: Cedim
Design: OOOMS

  • Workshop Paperplay