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Ffrash at DDW

We are really proud to present the first interior product collection for Ffrash. The official launch of the Ffrash collection is held during the Dutch Design Week 2013  in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

OOOMS was invited to co-operate in a project to help former street children in Jakarta, Indonesia.
This project is called Ffrash and is initiated and organized by Gina Provo Kluit. The main assignment for OOOMS was to design a collection of interior products, by re-using waste material. Besides that we had to train former street children and teach them how to make these products. One of the goals was to improve their workshop skills and teach the youngsters the principles of design and entrepreneurship. By doing this they have a better chance of finding a job.

  • Ffrash at DDW 2013 | Winebottle Candles

Sponsored by: Kingdom of the Netherlands, Cargill, Garuda Indonesia, HCA, KLM, Maersk Line, Equil, Frisian Flag, Intercontinental, Van der Stap Notarissen, Netsociety, Stichting Fonds voor de Geld- Effectenhandel

A more extensive selection of photo’s of this project can be found on our website,
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TEDx Brainport

  • Tedx 02

If you think you have heard plenty of ideas to make our world a better place, prepare to be surprised. Our line up of speakers will inspire you with a whole new take on improving people’s lives, while respecting the planet. They will introduce amazing innovations, new ways to manage resources and different ways of working together. They will get you re-thinking your ideas about purpose. And they will get the adrenalin flowing, so we all go home fired up to make the future – better.

Organisation: TEDx Brainport
Event: Making the future
Location: Evoluon, Eindhoven
Date: June 4th 2013

Dutch Design Week 2012

Dutch Design Freak aims to bridge the gap between designers, consumers and companies. A platform that helps exchanging products, ideas and information. At the exposition during the Dutch Design Week 2012, Dutch Design Freak presents work from studio OOOMS and many other designers.

Location: ART Hotel Eindhoven / Lichttoren 22 / 5611 BJ / Eindhoven
For more information:

Useful Things Along The Forest

Along the edge of the forest a wide vista of the surrounding landscape and on the other side a view along the trunks of the never-ending forest. In this multidisciplinary show staged around the work of FORESTI design label, the visitor gets acquainted with the work of OOOMS and several other artists and designers. There’s visual art and design, there’s an actor telling a story, and a film in which the edge of the forest plays an important role.

In a spacious room of the gallery are tables covered with damask tablecloths and laid with objects varying from a white porcelain dish to a bird that won’t fly away. And luminous water lilies high up the wall. In the other room small cabinets for forbidden books, and affected flowers in a round lightbox. On the wall two tapestries on which the forest and its seductiveness are closely interwoven. Ominous, yet titillating is the dark forest… USEFUL THINGS ALONG THE FOREST, a multidisciplinary show.

Location: Galerie van de Water / Luciferstraat 1-3 / 5611 KE / Eindhoven

OOOMS at Tuttobene New York

In August Tuttobene will cross the Atlantic to New York. From 19. – 22. August you can visit their booth at the New York International Gift Fair, the most important design fair in the U.S. for smaller design items and accessories.

The NYIGF is reknown for being the fair at which the leading U.S. retailers place orders for the autumn and winter season. Tuttobene will be present with sixteen Dutch design studios and three design labels. The participation of Tuttobene at the New York International Gift Fair is the U.S. debut for both Tuttobene and the design studios. Never before such a large group of Dutch designers gathered in the U.S. in a group presentation.

The Boyscouts, Dutch Design Chair, The Dopper, Manon Garritsen, Royal Goedewaagen, Yvette Laduk, Jurianne Matter, Tweelink, Slim Ben Ameur, New Duivendrecht, Oooms, Damian O’Sullivan, Reineke Otten, Frederik Roijé, Sandra Roozen, Soonsalon, Carina Riezebos and Carola Zee for Label Aleph will show their products.

This project is commissioned by NL Agency, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

SKIN- Future Materials, Material Future

From the innovative material to the final product: SKIN presents know-how, discussions, and reports based on experience around the subject of product development and sustainability. Numerous examples of best practice from national and international workshops, studios and laboratories give a fascinating insight in the far-reaching potential of material and design innovations.

Future Material Innovation in Design / 29 06 2012 – 16 09 2012
Location: Design Forum Vienna / Museum 1, 1070  Vienna / Austria

OOOMS at Yksi Expo

If it is a double ‘Schizo Vase’ or a ‘Roadkill Carpet’, Oooms knows how to work it. It’s always designs with a twist. Small or large, for their own label or commissioned by others, always from a contemporary view upon the world. Starting the 17th of April till the 10th of June Oooms presents their work at Yksi Expo.

Yksi Expo’s stage presents an overview of Oooms’ best work from the previous ten years. It will be the playground for products that can be seen as typical examples of the working and thinking of both designers. Full enthusiasm and conviction, and with a unique style, Studio Oooms sets out to shape the world. Quality and originality are high in priority. In addition, Oooms is driven to find and use the latest production technologies. Their products are also made ​​in the Netherlands, from sustainable materials.

OOOMS, Stage at Yksi Expo,  April 17th till June 10th.
Also on show at Yksi Expo: Liberation of Light (till May 18) / Made in Strijp-S / Snodevormgevers (till May 6)

Dutch Design Week 2011

OOOMS would like to invite you to a collaborative presentation of 5 design studios showing their latest work at ‘De Toonkamer’. This presentation will be held during the Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue!


Coaching at Cedim

In May 2011 OOOMS was invited for the second time to Cedim, a very well equipped design school, located in the northern part of Mexico.

Our task was to coach two groups of students, both with their own individual assignment. One assignment was to design innovative products for the biggest beer brand of Mexico, the other was to design a ceramic plate for a traditional Mexican meal.  We coached both groups intensively for 2 weeks and are proud of what most students have achieved in such short time.

Description: Beer bottle & Ceramic plate
Commissioned by: Cedim
Design: OOOMS

  • Coaching at Cedim 02

Dutch Design Week 2010

We would like to invite you to the presentation of OOOMS at de Toonkamer, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The theme of the presentation is “craft & design in progress”. Besides exploring our new products, you can have a peek inside our studio which is located next to the exhibition space.

OOOMS will present a new line of interior products which are inspired by schizophrenia. The word schizophrenia is derived from the Greek words for to split (schidzein) and mind (phren). This splitting is related to fragmenting of the thought processes.


Our new interior products are made of Biofoam. Being produced from the renewable resource PLA, BioFoam is an addition to the current range of advanced EPS foam products offered today. It can be completely biodegraded, composted or used for feedstock for recycling. Being “designed for the environment” implies there is no chemical waste, which complies with the so called “Cradle to Cradle” principles. We would like to thank Synbra for their support and supply of the Biofoam.

Location: TAC / Gagelstraat 6A / 5611 BH  Eindhoven / The Netherlands
Date: 23 – 31 October 2010

ETFAM Trade Fair 2010

The ETFAM Trade Fair is an annual business-to-business exhibition for producers and buyers of ethical and fair trade goods. OOOMS will be participating as well, so please feel free to visit us at our booth. The trade fair is ETFAM’s real market place where buyers of ethical and fair trade goods can meet suppliers of these goods in person to do business with each other in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The fair offers producers from developing countries and upcoming markets access to the Western European markets and enables visitors to find out more about the producer behind the product.

The ETFAM Trade Fair offers a unique trade environment to do business in an professional yet informal manner, with a wide range of catering products, general gifts and wellness products: a wonderful selection of high-quality articles. There will be a matching plaza with a range of supporting services as well, such as design, branding and micro finance, where on the spot forms of collaboration can result in customised products. Furthermore, a workshop programme will be provided to inspire you and keep you on your toes. Besides all of these excellent business-to-business opportunities, a congress about sustainable catering purchase will be held at this years’ fair too. This congres is targeted at buyers within government institutions.

ETFAM Trade Fair 2010
19 – 21 september
Beursgebouw Eindhoven
The Netherlands


On the trail of design to the ends of the Earth! Pigr’s design shop and e-shop, with a back-office devoted to developing design, explore the World Wide Web in search of new projects by young designers from all over the world. In real life it is based in Milan… reading, observing and travelling all over the place, but only in search of new ideas! This year, in pursuit of entertainment, sharing and for the pure pleasure of discovery, Pigr is presenting a gradually expanding selection of original and unusual objects, which have never been marketed before on the official design circuit. Pigr’s operations derive from an interest in the latest frontiers of contemporary creativity and an understanding of the kind of spontaneous design being thought up by the latest generations.

Pigr does not just seek out and market simple products: Sono Pigr – the design blog – actually listens and takes note of every single new vibration coming from the world of design; Pigr – the design shop – showcases the work of designers, like the work of OOOMS, developing small and major projects and keeping track of production and marketing right through to the public presentation of the latest collections of unusual objects on sale at reasonable prices. Allowing design to be experienced and enjoyed by everybody, even nowadays.

14-04-2010 / 19-04-2010
Via Clusone, Milan
Open from 10AM till 10PM