Diseño holandés. En la calle como en casa. Binnen/buiten

An extensive sample of the latest in innovative Dutch design, grouped under seven headings: RELAX, PLAY, EAT, ILLUMINATE, INTERACT, PROTECT and WORK. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Madrid Design Association (DIMAD), consists of 140 items by up-and-coming designers as well as those who have already made a name for themselves outside the Netherlands (Studio OOOMS, Marcel Wanders, Tjep, Richard Hutten, Ineke Hans, Demakersvan, Joris Laarman or Hella Jongerius), created with the idea in mind of seeing domestic and urban space as a continuum, with no clear division between indoors and outdoors (Binnen/Buiten).

FOUNDATION BUILDING, A CORUÑA: 17 October-25 January 2009


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