Dutch Design Week 2018


Something Old, Something New…

Surrounded by ancient artifacts of all times Studio OOOMS presents their latest work at the Heritage house, the heart of archaeological Eindhoven. This location is not randomly chosen, quite the opposite, its carefully selected for this exhibition. Archaeological finds can tell a great deal about people that walked the earth long before us. It shows us how they worked, how they played, and what was important to them at that period in time. The evolution of the design can often help to determine the age of found objects. As Studio OOOMS is fond of archeology, it’s easy to understand this also influences their new designs. For their latest work the studio took inspiration from past products and used it in various ways. They made huge close ups of heavily deteriorated Romans coins, designed vases that show diagrams of ground layers and created knives out of 2000 year old Roman Oak. During the exhibition you will also have the opportunity to get an impression of the permanent collection of the Heritage House.

Location: Erfgoedhuis – Gasfabriek 2 – 5613 CP  Eindhoven
Date: 20 – 28  October
Opening hours: 11.00 – 18.00