Expo at CILO


Exhibition of young design talent in cooperation with the Design Academy Eindhoven. CILO shows you the work of these participants: Studio OOOMS, Nadine Sterk, Vivian Wierts, Wieki Somers, Wouter Scheublin, Tomm Veldhuis, Susan Verhijen, Monique Goossens, Cris Bartels, Mara Skujeniece, Chris Kabel, Sander Wassink, Tom Dissel, Bertjan Pot.

Twenty pieces have been chosen to show a multiple view of interior design nowadays. All products are a reflection of our current time-period. A period when social issues are reflected in objects, new materials are used and age-old habits are charished or rejected. A time to think about what enriches- or impoverishes us.

The designers found quality in their daily environment and translated this sense into their creations. The products which emerge are more than just functional. They are products which communicate through inner qualities, characters of our time.

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