Kantlijnen – The face of lace

Lace is back in vogue. Today’s top designers are discovering the new possibilities offered by these translucent lines of thread. Bruges has traditionally been one of the world’s great lace- making centres and from 11 November 2008 until 1 March 2009 the city is set to become a new breeding ground for all the very latest lace trends and ideas. ‘The Face of Lace’ is a four month celebration of contemporary art, design and fashion, which will highlight the many facets of this most fascinating material.

More and more young artists and designers are unashamedly using lace in their patterns and themes. Also studio OOOMS has discovered the true beauty of lace: the richness of its transparency, the fluidity of it silken lines and the delicate interplay between ornamentation and structure. With new techniques and new materials, they have given lace new meaning. Lace once again has its own place in contemporary culture.

From 11 November 2008 until 1 March 2009 works of art, design ornaments and fashion concepts related to lace will be displayed throughout the length and breadth of Bruges – both indoors and outdoors. These pieces will create a fascinating dialogue with the city’s ancient buildings, streets and canals, as well as with historic works of lace selected from the collections of the city’s museums.
The Face of Lace will offer four months of contemporary art, fashion and design of the highest quality – an ambitious project laced with all kinds of exciting contrasts, concepts and challenges. The organisation of the Face of Lace has been entrusted to Musea Brugge and Brugge Plus. The exhibits have been chosen by project curators Hanneke Kamphuis and Hedwig van Onna.

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