Social interaction by art and design



In this expo the community centre, in which in the past you spent your time pottering around and on Saturday mornings rehearsing with your band, has been discovered again. The present day community centre settles from September 12th till November 2nd 2009 in the exhibition room of KOP. Our community centre is open four days a week and welcomes you with coffee, cookies and art.

You have the opportunity to explore everything that is here!
The caretaker, with his split personality and obsession for clocks, opens the doors of the community centre for a large group of international artists and designers, who dissolve the borders between fine art and design.
Experience todays objects of art, the specially designed tools, the multimedia party games and instruments. In the community centre you can attempt everything.

Amusement and self-reflection for active visitors.
Everything around us has been designed. All our objects are a combination of function and beauty. Functional objects in this way gain a double identity.  In our daily life fine art plays another role that is not tied to function. In the community centre you will encounter and experience the dissolving of the boundaries between art and design. The question will arise: what am I looking at, is this art or design?

Neighbourhood related cosiness, but slightly different.
In the community centre 45 national and international artists and designers created a site in which you are challenged to think beyond its borders. Not only is there art and design, but also an exciting dialogue. Both entertainment and (self)reflection are focus points. The whole thing makes you think of the typical neighbourhood togetherness and conviviality, but this is different. The caretaker welcomes you warm-hearted and will surprise you…

Participating artists and designers:
i.a: 5.5 designers (FRA), Atelier Blink (BE), Zelda Beauchampet, Blokmeubel, Buro Jet, Dennis de Bel, Michiel van Erp, Jaap de Jonge, Ward van Gemert, David Graas, Mark van den Gronden, Frank Halmans, Susanna Hertrich (GER), Floris Hovers, Instituut voor de Lopslopende Mens, Pieter Jamart (BE), Zowie Jannink, Chris Kabel, Eric Klarenbeek, Robert Knight, Theo Konijnenburg, Lise Lefebvre (FRA), Sander Lucas, David Moises (A), Sander Mulder, Oooms, Gert Paans, Tom Reijnders, Sander Reijgers, Martin Robitsch (A), Snode vormgevers, Diane Steverlynck (BE), Sebastiaan Straatsma, Hans Tan (SP), Louise van der Veld (initiator and company), Rob Verwer, Wieland Vogel, Jonas Vorwerk, Martijn Wildekamp, Tijmen Zonnevijlle

The Community Centre / ’t BUURTHUIS welcomes you from September 12th till November 2nd at Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5pm. KOP – Speelhuislaan 171 – Breda (NL).

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