Max Mara opens new flagshipstore in Milan


On the 28th of February Max Mara will open its new flagshipstore in Milan. The inauguration will be held at corso Vittorio Emanuele, piazza del Liberty 4. The new store carries designs of studio OOOMS.

Max Mara, or The House of Max Mara, is an Italian fashion house. It is best known for elegant, wearable, ready-to-wear clothing.

The brainchild of Achille Maramotti, Max Mara was founded in 1951 and has since become one of Italy’s most successful fashion companies. Like many Italian firms, Max Mara remains a family company although, interestingly, no member of the family is a fashion designer. Instead Max Mara operates by the highly successful formula of employing well-known fashion designers to create their collections—a method described by fashion critic Colin McDowell as a form of designer “moonlighting” and which is characteristic of a number of Italian ready-to-wear companies. Designers who have created collections for Max Mara include Anne Marie Beretta, Karl Lagerfeld, Luciano Soprani, Guy Paulin, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The identity of more recent Max Mara designers was a jealously-guarded secret; they were, however, acknowledged in retrospect.

The first Max Mara shop was opened in Reggio Emilia in northern Italy in 1951 and the first collection consisted of two coats and a suit which were copies of Paris couture designs. Although Achille Maramotti was officially trained as a lawyer, his family background was firmly entrenched in dressmaking since his mother had founded a tailoring school in 1923. Maramotti’s vision to produce designer fashion for the mass market was remarkably farsighted at a time when haute couture still dominated fashion and high fashion ready-to-wear clothing did not exist. Like the whole fashion industry during the early 1950s, Max Mara looked to Paris as inspiration for its designs and produced garments which combined Parisian designs with their quality manufacturing techniques.

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