A collection of handmade products entirely made of cable-ties.
With a lot of patience we’ll be rewarded with beautiful new structures, which can only emerge by fervent monkish work.

Description: Pendant Lamp / sphere is made from 600 cable-ties
Dimensions: Ø 60 cm / Ø 23.6 inch
Design: OOOMS

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  1. Bart Rammeloo says:

    Wonderful lamp, but: does it also have a price? Or is this a one-off?

    1. oooms says:

      Thank you for your kind comment, we’ve send you a reply by email.

  2. Milagros Loayza-Martinez says:

    Hi, do you sell this lamp? If so, how much?


  3. charlotte says:

    Where can this lamp be bought and what does it cost ? How much do you need to assemble yourself ?

  4. Nicky Armstrong says:

    How much is this please? Can’t recall if you are an NZ company or not but we live in NZ. Thanks

  5. Samantha Munoz says:


    What is the price of this item?

    Thank you!

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