OOOMS coaching


OOOMS offers creative workshops to design schools, colleges, academies and institutes. All workshops are custom made in consultation with the client.

Besides being devoted designers, Guido and Karin love to share their knowledge by facilitating workshops worldwide. They are certified educators and both teach one day a week at the University of Arts Utrecht and the Design Academy Eindhoven.

The goal of these workshops is not to design a perfect product but rather to provide insights into the design process and the associated challenges of rational thinking and manual skills. The method for the workshops is ‘learning by doing’, so a real hands on approach is demanded from all participants.

OOOMS coaching


Through this workshop, I have learnt things that were beyond what I could learn in a normal classroom. I have learnt new ways to explore different materials. Something that the Dutch designers mentioned will remain etched in my mind ”Limitations of a material mainly exist in the mind.“ Alvin Ng Sing Por | Diploma in Interior Design, Year 2

It was a good learning experience through an iterative design process, in our case working with a very common material like paper we explored different ways of manipulating the material to transform it into a designed object. It was also a very hands on experience, working physically with the materials from beginning to end made it very dynamic and fun. Also the way Guido & Karin teach I thought was great because they had to pay attention to each of us and give us personal feedback on our ideas and concepts. Damaso Mayer | product design CEDIM, year 3

I feel that this workshop has really helped me understand more about how a designer works in a real company and how to approach design through material exploration in a project. Nazirah Kau Hui Ling | Diploma in Experience and Product

The best take away from workshop is that the design process should be about not thinking too much but just doing it. In my education, such a process has not been used and this workshop taught me to do so. Jane Ang Jia Ying | Diploma in Experience and Product Design, Year 3