On the trail of design to the ends of the Earth! Pigr’s design shop and e-shop, with a back-office devoted to developing design, explore the World Wide Web in search of new projects by young designers from all over the world. In real life it is based in Milan… reading, observing and travelling all over the place, but only in search of new ideas! This year, in pursuit of entertainment, sharing and for the pure pleasure of discovery, Pigr is presenting a gradually expanding selection of original and unusual objects, which have never been marketed before on the official design circuit. Pigr’s operations derive from an interest in the latest frontiers of contemporary creativity and an understanding of the kind of spontaneous design being thought up by the latest generations.

Pigr does not just seek out and market simple products: Sono Pigr – the design blog – actually listens and takes note of every single new vibration coming from the world of design; Pigr – the design shop – showcases the work of designers, like the work of OOOMS, developing small and major projects and keeping track of production and marketing right through to the public presentation of the latest collections of unusual objects on sale at reasonable prices. Allowing design to be experienced and enjoyed by everybody, even nowadays.

14-04-2010 / 19-04-2010
Via Clusone, Milan
Open from 10AM till 10PM

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