Bronto Red Roman


Blade type: Chefs knife
Blade length: 15 Cm / 5.91 Inches
Total length: 28 Cm / 11.02 Inches
Steel: O2 carbon steel
Handle material: Roman Oak, brass pins, red spacers
Weight: 240 grams



The Bronto Red Roman is not for the faint of heart. Its rough blade, dark handle and decent weight will automatically turn any cooking job into a medieval feast. The model is similar to a standard Chef’s knife. The unintended advantage of the irregular blade is that it has a great food release when slicing veggies or meat. The dark Oak wood which we used for the handle of the knife is a story on it’s own. This wood that has been used by the Romans around 2000 years ago.

As this is a carbon steel, the blade will form a slight patina over time. This is normal and is actually the mark of a beautifully used knife. Please note, however, that a carbon knife does require more maintenance than its stainless steel counterpart, mainly that it must be washed or wiped clean shortly after each use to prevent unwanted rust or stains.

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