Cherry Blossom Chef


Blade type: Chef’s knife
Blade length: 20 Cm / 7.87 Inches
Total length: 31.5 Cm / 12.40 Inches
Steel: Carbon steel / recycled circular saw blade
Handle material: Pink Epoxy resin, white Micarta spacers, brass and mosaic pin
Weight: 189 grams

This kitchen knife comes with a leather drawer sheath.

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Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is one of the most frequently used and versatile tools in the kitchen. Chef’s knives are typically between 8 and 10 inches, although they can be as short as 6 inches and as long as 14 inches. You’ll use your chef’s knife for most of your slicing during food prep, and in many ways, it will be the most important tool you use.


Carbon steel

A carbon steel knife can be a great addition to the collection of kitchen knives that you use daily to prepare delicious homemade meals. But before you buy one, there are several pros and cons that you should consider.

First off, carbon steel knives aren’t always the most good looking knives because they aren’t resistant to discoloration and stains like other materials are. If you don’t keep them clean and completely dry, they might even develop rust. And if you use this type of blade to cut through acidic ingredients, you can expect that it will become discolored. So, these knives do require extra care, and you need to become accustomed to how to keep these knives in the best shape possible.
Despite some drawbacks, carbon steel knives are still really popular simply because they are so durable, sharp, and long-lasting. Compared to a stainless steel blade, you’ll likely find that a high carbon blade stays sharper and holds its edge longer. Plus, carbon steel knives can also be sharpened easily if they do start to become too dull, so that’s convenient. You can also take steps, such as using mineral oil or allowing a patina to form, to prevent rust from forming on the blade