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Blade type: Utility knife
Blade length: 11 Cm / 4.33 Inches
Total length: 22.5 Cm / 8.86 Inches
Steel: 67 layered stainless steel damascus with a VG10 core
Handle material: Black Corian, Walnut, brass mosaic pin
Weight: 84 grams

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Petty – Utility knife

Small all-purpose knife for fruit, peeling and cutting small objects.
Compact, good handling of Petty knife is suitable design for peeling fruits, preparing various kinds of foods and precise works.

VG10 Damascus steel

A VG10 Damascus steel knife is defined by the material and structure of the blade. The VG10 steel core is sandwiched between Damascus steel on both sides. A VG10  cutting edge is  hard and very sharp. It is one of the best quality Japanese stainless steels for kitchen knives today.