Gyuto Skate


Blade type: Gyuto
Blade length: 17 Cm / 6.69 Inches
Total length: 29 Cm / 11.42 Inches
Steel: C75 carbon steel
Handle material: Used skateboards, spring steel pins
Weight: 224 grams

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The Gyuto Skate knife is made on commission as a birthday gift for my good friend Niels, who I’ve known since childhood. Skateboarding was our mutual passion and up until today Niels is still shredding the skateparks.  With this in mind we came up with the idea to make the handle of his knife entirely of used skateboards. Another friend of Niels has a cool company named Focused, that makes furniture of used skateboards and was kind enough to provide us with a piece of ‘skateboard wood’.  All in all it was a great cooperation among friends of Niels, which resulted into a great personal gift.