Linus’s Special


Blade type: K-tip Santoku
Blade length: 17 Cm | 6.69 Inches
Total length: 30 Cm | 11.81 Inches
Steel: Pattern welded steel with a VG10 core layer
Handle material: Corian Marble , Black G10 liner, brass pins
Weight: 164 grams

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Santoku knife

A Santoku is a medium-sized, multipurpose kitchen knife of Japanese origin that has a lightweight blade with a straight or slightly curved cutting edge and a spine that curves downward to the tip. The Santoku has long been the Japanese equivalent of a chef’s knife. Compared with a classic chef’s knife, the Santoku is typically shorter and has a thinner blade, a stubbier tip, and a straighter edge.

VG10 Damascus steel

A VG10 Damascus steel knife is defined by the material and structure of the blade. The VG10 steel core is sandwiched between Damascus steel on both sides. A VG10  cutting edge is  hard and very sharp. It is one of the best quality Japanese stainless steels for kitchen knives today.