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Blade type: Nakiri
Blade length: 17 cm / 6.69 inches
Total length: 30 cm / 11.81 inches
Steel: Pattern welded steel with a VG10 core
Handle material: Black Corian, Walnut liner, brass mosaic pin
Weight: 193 grams

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Popular in Japanese cooking, the Nakiri knife features a straight, squared-off blade similar to a guillotine. The shape of the blade dictates the cutting action, slicing straight down instead of rocking back and forth. Instead of a tapered edge, the Nakiri’s straight cutting edge produces consistent and even slices with an easy chopping motion.

A Nakiri is used to cut, slice and mince vegetables. The Nakiri is considered a useful knife to have to cut without splitting or cracking relatively hard vegetables. Not surprisingly the Nakiri is very popular among vegetarians.

VG10 Damascus steel

A VG10 Damascus steel knife is defined by the material and structure of the blade. The VG10 steel core is sandwiched between Damascus steel on both sides. A VG10  cutting edge is  hard and very sharp. It is one of the best quality Japanese stainless steels for kitchen knives today.