Roman Chef

Blade type: Chef’s knife
Blade length: 16.5 Cm / 6.50 Inches
Total length: 29 Cm / 11.42 Inches
Steel: carbon steel
Handle material: Roman Oak, black carbon pins
Weight: 148 grams

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The Roman Oak which we use for the handle of this knife is a story on it’s own…
This  wood has been used by the Romans to make water wells  around 2000 years ago! It has recently been discovered in Veldhoven,  a village in the south of the Netherlands. During archaeological excavations over 40 wells were found, ranging from the Iron Age, to the Roman era and the Middle Ages. Through our connections we were lucky enough to get our hands on some beautiful pieces of this Roman Oak. Over time the wood has totally become black from being in the acidic ground for so long.