Santoku Olive


Blade type: Santoku
Blade length: 17 Cm / 6.69 Inches
Total length: 28 Cm / 11.02 Inches
Steel: O2 carbon steel
Handle material: Olive wood, mosaic pins
Weight: 174 grams
Attribute: Leather sheath

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Multi-purpose Santoku Olive knife. Except for the decorative mosaic pins this knife is pretty straight forward; what you see is what you get.  The handle is simple, straight and slightly tapered. The knife is well balanced and its center is right before the handle.

As this is a carbon steel, the blade will form a slight patina over time. This is normal and is actually the mark of a beautifully used knife. Please note, however, that a carbon knife does require more maintenance than its stainless steel counterpart, mainly that it must be washed or wiped clean shortly after each use to prevent unwanted rust or stains.