Top Notch Marble


Blade type: Top Notch paring knife
Blade length: 8,90 Cm / 3.50 Inches
Total length: 19 Cm / 7.48 Inches
Steel: AEB-L stainless steel
Handle material: Marble Corian, brass and mosaic pins
Weight: 86 grams

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Paring Knife

Paring knives are used to peel, cut, core, and mince a variety of foods, much of which is small, which is why they are usually very small and designed with a sharp, straight blade.

Small and compact size. The Paring knife is suitable design for peeling, cutting fruits and vegetables. Tiny and cute looks, yet very useful knife

Paring knives usually have narrow, thin blades which come to a point at their tip. It is easy to handle and manoeuvre and works especially well with small ingredients or foods, including fresh herbs, garlic, and shallots. The blades are extra-sharp, making it simple and fast to handle these types of foods.

Since paring knives are mostly used for small foods, they tend to be only three to five inches in size; however, this makes the size perfect for their intended use.


AEB-L is an expertly designed steel, balancing high hardness with good corrosion resistance, and maxing out the amount of carbide that still maintains high toughness, sharpness, and blanking performance for razors. Those qualities make it a good knife steel in many ways as well.

With its high toughness and good potential hardness, AEB-L excels in applications requiring thin edges like razors, fine slicing fixed blades and folders, and kitchen knives. Especially in knives where corrosion resistance is desired. It also does well in knives that require high toughness that will be subjected to hard use. It is not a good choice for applications that require very high slicing edge retention or in very corrosive environments like salt water. It is an especially good choice for those that prefer simple carbon steels and low alloy steels but would like to try a stainless steel. AEB-L will behave more similarly in grinding, polishing, and end user properties than many other high wear resistance stainless steels.