Roadkill Carpet


Do you know the feeling that you do not want to take a look at something, but you still do? The Roadkill carpet is a continuous struggle between attraction and repulsion. It’s a warm, soft, cuddly carpet that attracts you to take a nap on it. But at the same time its a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox.

Description: Handmade carpet from 100% wool
Dimensions: 170 x 240 cm / 66.9 x 94.5 inch
Design: OOOMS

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  1. bit says:

    Let me know as soon as it’s ready

  2. louis says:

    could you write me an e-mail when this carpet will be available, thanks.
    no pub or newsletter,, please, just the carpet,
    bye and good luck,

  3. Rafael Rizzo says:

    Just wondering what the status on the projekt is? Could you give us some info?
    Im decorating my mew appartment and I just got to have this carpet! =)

  4. ste says:

    Is it any closer to release? I love it haha!!

  5. mat says:

    i want this.. please?

  6. Kim says:

    Hey, will the carpet be for sale soon? And if not when?

  7. rachel says:

    Put me on the notification list

  8. Kathi Creed says:

    Any idea of price?

  9. Henrik Nilsson says:

    I just hope it´ll be for sale soon, i´ve never seen anything like it!

  10. Meera says:

    I WANT THIS CARPET! Please put me on an email list for whenever it is ready! Soon? Will that be soon? Please?

    Update: The carpet is available and can be ordered from our shop

  11. bas says:

    Please let me know when the rug is available. Cheers.

  12. Esther says:

    Yes same question, when and how much??

  13. lars amuelson says:

    Please let me know when the rug is available. Asbulutely wonderfully tastless I want it bad

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