‘Rocker’ is an universal attachment to turn almost any four-legged chair into a real rocking chair. Depending on the chair of your choice, you can get any kind of rocking chair; from very relaxed to a more active one. This project is the result of the Designboom rocking chair contest, where a premature version of the Rocker became 12th out of more than thousand contestants.

Description: Universal attachment for chairs, Plywood / Steel
Dimensions: 80 x 5 x 10 cm / 31.5 x 2 x 3.9 inch
Design: OOOMS in co-operation with Meinte van de Meulen

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  1. dalstonrosi says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

  2. Ian says:

    Tell me i can buy this!

  3. judith says:

    i would also like to know, where to buy this?

  4. Raksha Patel says:

    I want to buy this. Please tell me where I can get this. Thanks

  5. Lawrence Karwoski says:

    great idea. What is the cost and where can Rockers be purchased

  6. Rochelle Naughton says:

    Need info. on rockers

  7. Vigir says:

    Me too , where to buy?

  8. Kim Smith says:

    What is the cost? How do I order?

  9. Trish says:

    I want to purchase this – where??

  10. Vanessa Stephenson says:

    Is this item available for purchase?

  11. LISA CARSON says:

    We’re can I order this.

    1. LISA CARSON says:

      We’re can I buy this have new grandbaby need one of them

  12. LISA CARSON says:

    We’re can I buy the rock arms

  13. Huang Hsiang Chun says:

    Sorry where can I buy it?
    Is this be sold?

  14. Hsuan says:

    Where to buy this?? Love it!
    Can I buy This item? Thank you!

  15. JPierre says:

    I realy like the idea of transforming the utility of something ! Let me know where I can buy and how much it is?

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