A nice thing about the human mind is that it only needs parts of information in order to get the whole idea, we easily fill in the gaps with information from past experiences. So to evoke an image of a plant, the outline of one will do.
OOOMS created 3 silhouette lamps inspired by ordinary houseplants. Emerging from a wooden base,  two plant contours embrace the light in the centre. This will create the idea of a small jungle in your living room.  In the evening the lamp will cast vived shadows on the wall,

Description: Table Lamp, wooden base, powder-coated metal
Dimensions: Approx. 58 x 58 x 23 cm
Specifications: LED |  240V | 5W | 400lm | 2700K
Design: OOOMS

Our Silhouette Lamp is now available at QAZQA


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