A nice thing about the human mind is that it only needs parts of information in order to get the whole idea, we easily fill in the gaps with information from past experiences. So to evoke an image of a plant, the outline of one will do. OOOMS created 3 silhouettes of ordinary houseplants, to be used at home in your windowsill or as desk divider at the office. The Silhouettes take up virtually no space and best of all; They don’t need water…

Description: Silhouettes, coated sheet metal
Dimensions: Approx. 66 x 63 x 10 cm /  26 x 24.8 x 3.9 inch
Design: OOOMS


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  1. Those are a cool idea well implemented. I can’t afford them, but I hope they become a common way to decorate otherwise very sterile office space. I’d love to have a few for my office someday if the price becomes more attainable. Great idea!

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