Sofia Design Week 2009


SOFIA DESIGN WEEK is the first of a kind design festival in Bulgaria. Between June 5th and June 12th Sofia will be transformed into a vibrant capital of design, where Studio OOOMS will be showing some of their products.

In its first issue, SOFIA DESIGN WEEK is welcoming some of the most avant-garde international names in the contemporary product, communication, interactive and graphic design. Sofia Design Weeks aims to place our city on the global map of design. Through discussions and experience exchange, it will also seek the next identity in our visual environment, one that is urgently needed.

Sofia Design Week will take place annually in order to involve Bulgaria on a regular basis in the ongoing global discussion on the future of design. For the first time in its history Sofia will host a design event of such significance: 22 free of charge expositions of product, communication, interactive and graphic design.

“We live, consume and survive in a highly aggressive and chaotic visual environment. It is time for next identity, for intelligent and socially adequate design.” – urges SOFIA DESIGN WEEK` s manifesto.


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