STRP Event Eindhoven


From 2 – 13 April the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven will once again be the place to find electronic music, interactive installations, film, art performances, live cinema and robotics. The STRP Festival is a multidisciplinary all-out experience in which music, art and technology merge.

During the STRP EXPO+, we have plenty more to offer from 8 – 13 April with a wide array of unique performances and art projects on top. Some are freaky and totally out there, while others are extremely sophisticated and innovative. During Easter we have a couple special installations and workshops. You can go ‘Lay an Egg’ from 2D to 3D or let the Unbelievable Frying Object installation do it for you. Further, there are workshops to be done and performances to be experienced

Art is not weird and technology is not sterile: this is the message that STRP aims to convey. Art can be a physical experience and technology makes for a wonderful toy. It causes you to look at reality from a different perspective.

What can you expect? First and foremost, a major exhibition of technological art installations: the STRP Expo, which features works including Infinite Cubed by the Brazilian duo Crescenti & Cantoni. This 3×3×3 metre cube made of moving mirrors creates the ultimate “Droste Effect” named after the optically enchanting Dutch cocoa ads. Next, try looking deep into the eyes of the Hexapod spawned by Matt Denton. This six-legged spider robot tracks you like a predator going after its prey, and instantly posts your picture on its website.
STRP Expo features dozens of amazing and largely interactive works of art that appeal to your entire body.

While there is a strong international flavour to the STRP Festival, the Netherlands is likewise well-represented. Featured Dutch artists include Daan Roosegaarde, whose work has been displayed around the world; robotics artist Freek Wieringa; and video artist Jérôme Siegelaer. Plus, a number of recent graduates will also be participating, including Jeroen Holthuis, Evelien Lohbeck and Paul Verhoeven.

From April 8th – 13th is STRP Expo+ open for audiences to explore and experience artworks, performances, workshops, live cinema, animations, and much, much more!

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