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Daisy Necklace

Remember those well spend summer days making a necklace from freshly picked daisies?
OOOMS has designed a necklace that will recall this childhood memory. The necklace consists of 14 K gold plated flowers that can be connected by lacing their stems.

Description: Necklace – 14K Goldplated or Silverplated
Dimensions: Ø 18 cm / 7.1 inch –  containing 10 daisies
Design: OOOMS

Daisy Necklace Gold

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Daisy Necklace Silver

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Commissioned by De Hub, and in cooperation with TNO, OOOMS is working on a product manufactured by Rapid Manufacturing. The design is based on the idea that using RM is still a relatively expensive technique. Inspired by a paper party banner, OOOMS  designed a structure which is made in one small piece. When you stretch the structure it will increase in size. The result became a beautiful, stretchable necklace, looking like lace. This product was shown during the Dutch Design Week 2008.

Description: Necklace made with RM
Dimensions: 25 x Ø 2 cm /  9.8 x Ø 0.8 inch
Commissioned by: De Hub & TNO
Design: OOOMS