Useful Things Along The Forest


Along the edge of the forest a wide vista of the surrounding landscape and on the other side a view along the trunks of the never-ending forest. In this multidisciplinary show staged around the work of FORESTI design label, the visitor gets acquainted with the work of OOOMS and several other artists and designers. There’s visual art and design, there’s an actor telling a story, and a film in which the edge of the forest plays an important role.

In a spacious room of the gallery are tables covered with damask tablecloths and laid with objects varying from a white porcelain dish to a bird that won’t fly away. And luminous water lilies high up the wall. In the other room small cabinets for forbidden books, and affected flowers in a round lightbox. On the wall two tapestries on which the forest and its seductiveness are closely interwoven. Ominous, yet titillating is the dark forest… USEFUL THINGS ALONG THE FOREST, a multidisciplinary show.

Location: Galerie van de Water / Luciferstraat 1-3 / 5611 KE / Eindhoven

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