USB sticks are always nice to have around when transferring files from computer to computer. These Wooden USB Sticks from OOOMS are made to stand out from their natural environment of computers and offices. The sticks are picked from the woods and are individually selected for their natural beauty, and then professionally handmade into unique and personal Wooden USB sticks.

Description: Wooden USB stick 2.0
Dimensions: 8 x Ø 2 cm / 3.2 x Ø 0.8 inch
Memory sizes: 4 Gb, 8 Gb, 16 Gb and 32 Gb
Design: OOOMS

Wooden USB Stick | 4 Gb

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Wooden USB Stick | 8 Gb

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Wooden USB Stick | 16 Gb

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Wooden USB Stick | 32 Gb

 16.00 18.00Select options

When you are interested in ordering larger quantities please email us for more information.
We also provide services like personalized engraving and uploading data (starting at 50 units).


10 Responses

  1. I’m interested by your keys.
    Could you tell me if the wood is certified ?
    Thank you.

    OOOMS: The Wood is harvested as dead tree branches from the forest floor, so there is no certification involved.

  2. Отличная идея, вот только почему не сделать USB с большей емкостью? Ведь 4 Gb – это уже маловато :)

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